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Points to Remember Before 31st March 2023 book closure

Few Things to Gear up Before the Financial Year 2022-2023 Closure

1) Assess the Total Income for the Year

2) Find Out Capital Gains – From Shares / Mutual Funds / Property Transactions

3) Collect all the Financial Documents / Statement / Bank Passbooks and get them updated

4) Calculate Advance Tax Payable

5) Make Investments To Save Tax

6) Assess the high Value Transactions during the year

Additional Points for TRADERS :-

1) Manage Physical Inventory

2) Manage the Fixed Assets purchased for the business and Depreciation on it

3) Ask for the Party Ledger and Reconcile them with your books

4) Clean-up Your Loan Accounts

5) Manage Business Income & Expenses

6) Gather outstanding invoices & receipts / Accounts Receivable and Payable

7) Calculate GST turnover and reconcile it with the GST Return

8) Check for the Party LEDGERS and match them with your Books of Accounts

9) Reconcile the GST Input CREDIT on Purchases with the GSTR 3B and GST output with the Sales Records

10) Reconcile GST Ledgers

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